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Lake Manyara National Park

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Lake Manyara was made a National Park in 1960 and covers an area of 330 square kilometers, of which some 230 square kilometers are lake. It lies at the foot of the western wall of the Rift Valley escarpment, and is particularly famous for its elephant and tree climbing lions. It is also well known for its rich variety of birdlife in both the forest and along the lake shore. The name Manyara comes from the Maasai word for the plant euphorbia tirucalli which they use to build their livestock stockades. Manyara provides the perfect introduction to Tanzania’s birdlife. More than 400 species have been recorded, and even a first-time visitor to Africa might reasonably expect to observe 100 of these in one day. Highlights include thousands of pink-hued flamingos on their perpetual migration, as well as other large water birds such as pelicans, cormorants and storks.

Best to know in Lake Manyara

  •  Dense ground water Forest and bushes filled with wild animals, birds and insects.
  •  Great herds of elephants, antelopes and giraffes.
  •  Lake Manyara National Park is a Tanzanian national park located both in Arusha Region and Manyara Region, Tanzania.
  •  Situated on the edge of the rift valley.
  •  Famous for its tree climbing lions.
  •  The Hot Springs along the Rift Valley.
  •  Also a great place for bird watching.

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