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Kilimanjaro & Safari

Special Tour 14 days
Mt Kilimanjaro, Tanzania Mount Kilimanjaro

Adventure under Wild Tanzania

This amaizing Kilimanjaro Safari package is perfect for individuals who want to experience the power of Africa’s effervescent heart beat through the soles of their feet and discover the stunning wildlife. Climbing to the highest point in Africa and witnessing the splendorous view of the murky clouds engulfing the gleaming glaciers is a revolutionising moment. Lake Manyara presents glorious sceneries and various distinctive habitats. Dubbed Africa’s very own Garden of Eden, the Ngorongoro Crater hosts an abundant amount of wildlife in the lush caldera. The infamous migration of the wildebeest is documented globally and the vast plains of the golden savannah serve as inspiration for artists. The Kilimanjaro Safari trip explores the finest sceneries in Africa and sculpts the most memorable experiences.

Day 1: Kilimanjaro Airport to Arusha

Our driver will be waiting at the airport to pick you up and take you to thePapagei home or hotel in Arusha. Orientation regarding your Kilimanjaro Safari package will take place at the hotel and our guides will emphasise all the important details. An inspection on your hiking gear will take place.

Day 2: Mt Kilimanjaro: Arusha – Machame Camp

We will depart for the Machame Gate in the morning and you will meet your porters, guides and cooks. The drive to the gate is approximately 1:30 Minutes and ventures through coffee farms and friendly local villages. Registration will take place at the gate and then we will embark on our journey to Africa’s rooftop. Everyday your porters and cooks will hike ahead of the guide to ensure that the campsite is organised by the time you arrive, we will spend the night at the Machame Camp. The initial trail is set in Kilimanjaro’s enchanting cloud forest. Branches arch above, creating an ember tunnel with delicate clouds floating above. As we near the campsite, the scenery will begin to transform – high grasses, dry heather plants and vibrant wildflowers will inhibit the land. Unblemished, blue skies will ensure that Kibo’s frosted cone is visible.

Day 3: Mt Kilimanjaro: Machame Camp to Shira Camp

Today’s trail features many increasing inclines but it is considered to be the easiest trek on the route. We recommend carrying copious amounts of drinking water and hydrating regularly due to the fact that the trail is exposed. There are numerous viewpoints at which you can witness the emerald canopy of the forest and the vistas of Kibo and the jagged toothed Mawenzi Peaks. The fauna and flora diminishes as we gain altitude and the infamous high altitude plants begin to sprout including the colossal Lobelia and the striking Scenecio Kilimanjaro. We will take a break and your tasty lunch will be served. Once we climb the ashen, engraved walls of the Shira Plateau, we will reach the Shira Camp. You can enjoy the splendid views of Kibo towering over the luscious slopes of Mount Meru during your unwinding time.

Day 4: Mt Kilimanjaro: Shira Camp to Barranco Camp

Every step we take towards the Lava Tower enlarges the size of the magnificent sight of Kibo. The trail steepens as we approach the Lava Tower and as a result the difficulty of the trek increases slightly. The Tower pylons at a height of three hundred feet and it was formed thousands of years ago when an enormous volcano erupted. A steep trail will lead us to the spectacular landscape of the Barranco Valley and to the Barranco Camp which lies on a col (a flat area) that is encompassed by three steep valley walls as well as the stunning Kibo massif. The dangling icicles twinkle and reflect the scenic splendour. Heather plants dominate the scenery and create patches of flamboyance. We will abide to the mountaineer rules of hiking high and sleeping low by ascending to the Barranco campsite (12,950 feet / 5-6 hours of walking). You will be provided with a delicious meal with our Papagei cooker.

Day 5: Mt Kilimanjaro: Barranco Camp to Karanga Valley Camp

Your second acclimatisation day will commence with a downward journey into the mysterious Gorge. Climbing the eastern wall will allow us to marvel at the glitter lined ice fields. We will continue trekking until we reach the Karanga Valley Camp (13,900 feet / 4-5 hours of walking) where an appetising meal awaits.

Day 6: Mt Kilimanjaro: Karanga Valley Camp to Barafu Camp

We will venture along the uphill trail in the Karanga Valley and pursue the striking lava ridge to the Barafu Camp (15,200 feet / 6-7 hours of walking). As we hike towards the campsite the temperature will start to decrease and the landscape will become scarcer. Barafu Camp is situated on a small, uncovered area on a ridge. It will be the unofficial base camp from which you will attempt the summit. A hearty dinner will be served and we suggest that you rest for the midnight climb.

Day 7: Mt Kilimanjaro: Barafu Camp to Summit to Mweka Camp

The challenging trek to the summit will begin shortly after midnight (12-17 hours of trekking). Before we encounter Stella’s Point, we will voyage amongst the topaz blaze of Rebmann and Tarzel glaciers. Temperatures can drop as low as freezing before the sun’s glow begins to heat the land (Freezing temp: -23°C to 10°C). Smashing your goals and reaching Africa’s rooftop will reveal the resplendent landscape (6 – 7 hours of hiking). Peach hued rays dye the frosted fields and the clouds attempt to engulf everything on the mountain. You will have a chance to take photos and gaze at the magnificence afore the descent to the Barafu Camp. A short breather will occur once we reach the camp. We will journey to the Mweka Camp (9,840 feet / 3-4 hours of walking on the descent) where a delectable meal and snug sleeping anticipate your arrival.

Day 8: Mt Kilimanjaro: Mweka Camp to Park Gate

The final trek is a leisurely walk to the park gate (3-4 hours). After exchanging final goodbyes with your crew, we will drive to Arusha.

Day 9: Safari: Arusha to Lake Manyara

After an appetising breakfast we will proceed to Lake Manyara the second part of your Kilimanjaro Safari package. Colourful birds soar across the scenic plains and their harmonic symphonies permeate the air. The lush rainforest is home to the largest concentration of baboons. There is a possibility of spotting many fascinating animals such as elephants, buffalo, giraffes, impalas and hippos. We will venture through the various habitats in the park and enjoy a picnic lunch.

Day 10: Safari: Lake Manyara to Serengeti

We will depart for the Serengeti National Park shortly after breakfast. A direct translation of Serengeti is ‘the land that carries on forever’ and this compliments the vast plains of golden brown savannah that seem to fade into the horizon perfectly. The untouched land is home to wildebeest, lions, elephants, giraffes, zebras, monkeys, baboons, hippos, rhinos, antelopes and many species of birds. We will stop for a picnic lunch on a koppie (a small hill in a generally flat area). Our game drive will venture further into the park for the remaining hours of the day.

Day 11: Safari: Serengeti

Our morning game drive is a thrilling experience. The cackles of the hyena packs resonate across the plains and unspoilt track marks could lead us to the den of a predator. The superb beams of orange, pink and purple begin to materialise across the horizon as the herds make their way to the watering hole. Your guide will astound you with his capability to track down game. We will have a delicious lunch in the park.

Day 12: Safari: Serengeti to Ngorongoro Crater

Today is our final game drive in vast plains of Serengeti, before we travel to the famous Ngorongoro Crater. We will camp at Simba Camp, which is located at the rim of the crater, an ideal place for watching the sunset expand over the savannah within the caldera. You will enjoy a delectable dinner in Camp.

Day 13: Safari: Ngorongoro Crater – Moshi

We will descent into the Ngorongoro Crater early in the morning, as early mornings provide the perfect opportunity to spot game, especially within the “Big 5”. The group comprises some of the toughest animals in Africa – the ferocious lion, the mighty elephant, the stealthy leopard, the charging rhino and the strong water buffalo. You will enjoy an exciting game drive in the morning and have a picnic lunch near a pond full of hippos inside the crater. Inside the Ngorongoro Crater visitors can definitely expect to encounter zebra, hippo, wildebeest and cackling hyenas. The Crater is home to flocks of graceful flamingos lounging at Soda Lake and vultures and hawks eagerly circling the horizon in search of a hardy meal of neglected carcases. Storks, ibis, and cranes are popular water birds inside crater. Your game drive will conclude after lunch when we will begin our journey back to Arusha. You will arrive at the accommodation in Arusha in the late afternoon.

Day 14: Arusha to Kilimanjaro Airport

Transfer to Kilimanjaro Airport, from where you will connect your flight.

Our Package Includes

  • 2 nights accommodation (B&B) in Arusha; 6 nights camping on Kilimanjaro; 4 nights camping on safari
  • Tent and mattress on safari & on the mountain
  • Transport (on safari with 4×4 Land Cruiser) & airport transfer
  • Park & camping fees
  • Professional English speaking guide(s), porters & cook
  • 12 breakfasts, 12 lunches, 10 dinners
  • Water; tea and coffee with meals

Not Included

  • International flights
  • Travel insuarence
  • Visa and passport fees
  • Increases in park fees where applicable
  • Personal items
  • Sleeping bag
  • Tips for guide(s), porters & cook
  • Dinner in Arusha
  • Soda and Alcoholic beverages

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